Scalise: Justice Thomas' Dissent Points Out Voting Problems

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Scalise: Justice Thomas' Dissent Points Out Voting Problems


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ImageSupreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, with his scorching dissent against the court on its decision not to take up the dispute over changes to Pennsylvania's mail-in ballot laws in the November election, pointed to the fact that millions of Americans are still frustrated that states did not follow laws passed by their own legislatures, Rep. Steve Scalise said Tuesday.  "If Election Day is going to be decided by a secretary of state or a court that might give you a favorable decision, that might be what they did, but that is not what our founding fathers said we do to run federal elections," the Louisiana Republican told Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo. "To restore integrity in the election process, you have to confront this idea that you can't just call people names that point out those facts, that those states didn't follow laws." Further, said Scalise, public confidence will not be restored in the nation's elections unless states get back to the rule of law, and legislatures determine voting rules in public view.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, is continuing her push for a "federal takeover" of elections, that would stop requirements such as having a voter ID, or having ballots with signatures matching what was used to register to vote, said Scalise.  The lawmaker also slammed the Democrats' coronavirus bill as a "disaster" because of its calls to give states like California and others funding, and because it allows money to go to schools but not be spent until 2022, "when schools need to be reopened today." "It is a national disgrace what is happening to our children," said Scalise, accusing Democrats and President Joe Biden of deciding to "bow down" to teacher's unions. "I would challenge President Biden to take out all things that have nothing to do with COVID and let's all get back to helping families, reopen small businesses, open up our schools right now," he said. 

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