Rep. Mike Turner: Fencing, Metal Detectors at Capitol a 'Narrative Of Fear'

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Rep. Mike Turner: Fencing, Metal Detectors at Capitol a 'Narrative Of Fear'


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ImageRep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, on Sunday called fencing outside the Capitol, and metal detectors inside, "absolutely unnecessary," describing them as the Democrats’ "narrative of fear." In an interview on Fox News’ "Sunday Morning Futures," Turner said after the 9/11 attack in Washington, "we didn't go to a wall and razor wire around the Capitol." "My personal belief [is] this is absolutely unnecessary and the American people know it," he said. "This is being done by [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi [D-Calif.]," he said. "This is a woman who said that walls are immoral to protect the public. I believe it's part of [Democrats’] narrative of fear. They want to protect fear of the American public — as we have metal detectors now going to the House floor to vote—  and fearing other members of Congress. This is absolutely the wrong signal to be sending to the American public." According to Turner, it was statements from Pelosi and other Democrats that "there are members that are afraid of other Republican members" that sparked the metal detector placement inside the Capitol. "This is all part of perpetuating the culture of fear against the American public, against Republicans and certainly against those who supported Donald Trump," he declared. "There's no threats to the Capitol that justifies this, there's no threats to certainly members of Congress themselves and yet by walling off the Capitol, by walling off the symbol of democracy, they are indicating that we are in peril instead of serving the American public," he added. Related Stories:

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